It All Takes Time


We all know the interview question, "what is your greatest weakness?" Or sometimes, "what are your top three weaknesses?"

I know my answer, patience is number one . . . two . . . and three :P

A close friend asked why patience is my main weakness. I thought for a moment and quickly (of course) answered.

I wasted a large part of my twenties with self-destructive habits. After a religious I experience, I knew what I should do with my life and didn't want to squander any more time. 

For me, years were lost doing stupid things, and now that I am purposeful I am always moving 100mph. This can be a strength as I knock out multiple projects a week and continuously get better. The problem is, at times, I move on from a project or idea because I don't see the results as quickly I would like. Therefore, I do something new, when in reality I should spend more time digging until I finally hit gold. 

Do you have the same problem? Is the idea of patience something which makes you squirm? I know it does for me. The thought of doing the same thing for the next 5-years to reach my goals feels like torture. Yet, time will pass, would I rather get closer to my goal, or jump to a new one every few months?

I am learning I need to stay the course. The rewards will eventually come, and I will only reach my goals by spending time working on my craft. You should do the same. Find your professional purpose and go forward.

Even if it takes times. 

Matt Avery