Jumping Fences to Your Goal


Sometimes the best course of action is to ask for forgiveness instead of permission when going toward your goal.

Two quick stories.

1) As an undergraduate student, I was on an archaeological dig in Greece. One of my fellow students asked if we could go to a specific ancient site, and the professor leading the trip said, "no . . . unless there is a low fence." He was joking, and I won't write what I did afterward because of the statute of limitations. Yet, the point was clear. Sometimes you need to hop fences to get to your goals and ask for forgiveness later. 

2) As an anthropology graduate student, my thesis was on education reform. One night as I was walking to class at the University of Houston I noticed a flyer pinned to a community board. There was an event coming to Houston with some of the most prominent names in education reform. Also, charter schools and local non-profits in education reform were going to set up booths. I had hit the lottery for research, one problem, you had to buy tickets and they were sold out. 

I showed up anyway, about an hour before the event started. When I arrived, there were already people blocking the entrance. To this day, I can't remember what I said, yet it worked as I was past registration with ease. That night, I made enough contacts to write my entire thesis. 

Here is the point, sometimes you need to jump fences to get to your goal. Don't break the law, but break the rules. 

Matt Avery