One Main Reason Millennials Aren't Loyal

You will find a lot of information on this site about millennials for good reason, our whole deal is helping millennials advance their careers. 

Our entire team conducts weekly research on millennials, current work environments, management styles, and more. If you do similar studying you will see articles label young people as having no loyalty. 

The loyalty issues could be discussed at length, but there is one point which is generally looked over.


Imagine yourself 50-years ago. You just graduated college or a trade school and landed an entry-level position at a medium or large company. Over the years you incrementally gain new skills and work your way toward management. Most of your training comes from on the job work. Decades pass and you might have made it to a high-level of authority before retiring.

Not a bad life. Your family was cared for, you made some cash, and helped your community by doing a solid job and maybe gave back a little. 

Loyalty was ingrained in these workers because there was not an explosion of knowledge at their fingertips. Enjoying a job really wasn't a big deal because options were limited. 

Fast forward to now. Same scenario, you graduate from school and start a position at a company. Within 6-, 12-, or 18-months you realize you don't like the job. Maybe it's the culture, the company conflicts with your morals, you decide you chose the wrong career path, or you want to move. 

In the past, your choices were sparse. Most people sucked it up and did the job which was perceived as loyalty, whereas now, individuals can go online and learn a new skill or trade. You don't have to go to school to learn coding, programming, design, videography, or thousands of other skills. 

Instead, you can do your job during the day and then teach yourself something new at night. I learned the Adobe creative suite, web development, HTML/CSS, how to blog, and SEO from the comfort of my home. Sure, it's taken me years to get to a functional skill set, but now I have two companies where I use the skills I learned on my own. 

The same is true for many people who are labeled as not being loyal. If companies wanted workers to be loyal maybe they should examine company culture and/or provide continuing education. 

Some millennials are entitled, lazy, and unloyal. They are likely not reading this since BizLatte's demo is educated, ambitious, and talented. I am not trying to flatter you, I am basing those descriptions on our analytics software we have running in the background :)

So, if you are wondering why millennials don't stay with a single company, the answer is simple. They don't have to because they can educate themselves on thousands of topics and then leave for a new job. It sounds selfish, but this is business. 

Millennials have grown up in an era where they saw:

  • Their parents tossed from companies once they hit a certain age
  • Banks completely destroy families 
  • Bailouts for companies which did the wrong thing
  • A fractured government 
  • Executive pay increase exponentially even when they did not grow their company 
  • Colleges continuously raise tuition without providing more return on investment

Dont' talk to us about loyalty. If we find a better opportunity we are going for it just as many businesses have no problem getting rid of their workforce if they find a cheaper solution. 

Matt Avery