Prepare for your Dream Job Today!

What is your dream job? Is it at a large tech company? What about a partner at a law or consulting firm? Perhaps a digital nomad who just needs an internet connection. No matter your ideal scenario you need to start building your skills now!

Here is what I mean. That amazing job might be a few years away, however, how do you think you will be judged? The job you want in the future is a reflection of your accomplishments today.

Think of the skills you need for that dream job. It could be coding, project management, or something else. Those are not attributes you learn once you get the great job, those are areas you master now to get the job!

Does that make sense? Let's get practical. You have a dream in your head of where you would like to be, well what does that look like? What skills does that position require? The quicker you attain those abilities, the quicker your dream job arrives. 

Take some time to learn what is required for the amazing job. 

Matt Avery