Serve Your Community

Alejandro and myself were honored to join the board of the SURE program in Houston today. It was incredible to sit around a table with established individuals. Most of these people have decades more experience professionally than myself. Hearing their insights and ideas was an education in itself and I left invigorated. 

Many people say millennials want to be purposeful, that is correct. The issue is that many of us don't know how to be purposeful. I have struggled with this for years. There is a deep desire in me to give back, yet there are also bills to pay. 

Recently, I have started to see how to balance a professional life while giving back, mainly through volunteering. Take a moment to think and write if you are one of those millennials who wants to be purposeful but doesn't know how. Think about where you would like to help and then write out a simple action plan. 

It could look as simple as this. "I would like to be on the board of a non-profit which helps animals. I will research all local non-profits, volunteer my time, and then ask about the process of joining the board." Then you actually do those things. It's as simple as that to live a purposeful life while still adulting with bills and other necessities. 

Matt Avery