Sometimes We Need to Shut Up & Listen With Our Eyes


Do you have something to say... or do you just want to say something? 

This is a question that I'm always asking myself whenever I'm going to:

  • Write a blog 
  • Shoot a vlog
  • Have a conversation at a networking event
  • Share with family and friends
  • Discuss ideas and projects

I do so because I want to be sure that I'm sharing for the right reasons. I want to know that my conscience is speaking, and not my ego. Well, my conscience with a dash of ego ;)

If 93% of communication is not verbal, why would we only listen with our ears? Makes no sense. We have two ears and only one mouth and that is because we should spend more time listening than speaking. On top of that, we have to learn how to listen with our eyes which is something that nobody teaches us.

Yet, training your eyes to listen takes a lot of hard work. Especially because you need to learn to shut up for long periods of time. And we don't like silence.

Silence is scary. We are all afraid of not being relevant because we want to matter and make a dent in the world. And the best way to do so is to help others be the best they can be. By helping them feel valuable you will have effectively made a dent in their world. 

Do that over and over and over again... that is how you become a world-class leader.