The Art of Managing Productivity

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend who is starting a company while still working a full-time job. I asked how he could do both, and his answer echoed what I have heard many times recently. He told me his job only took up a couple hours a day. He sits in his office, asks if others need help, and waits for projects. 

As he is waiting, he works on his start-up. Think about that, his company essentially pays him to sit and wait because he is efficient! Instead of finding more challenging projects, they would rather him just be on call in the office. That is crazy! But not unique. 

I have met many millennials who get their work done in a few hours and then must wait for a new assignment. All while sitting in an office because their managers want to see them. 

New ways of measuring productivity need to be developed if companies want to succeed and retain talent. Output, revenue, and reducing costs are more valuable than hours put in by an employee. Speaking of my friend, he developed macros which greatly cut down his work time. His efficiency should be rewarded.

As you develop in your career, start to notice productivity. It is not the same as hours worked. Value your teammates who are productive and aspire to find ways to cut the number of hours you work.

Matt Avery