There is no Work-Life Balance

It's a cliche, but the more I age, the less I know. In my twenties, I really thought there was this inevitable work-life balance where my professional and personal life would be separated. Then I aged and realized there is no true work-life balance. 

There are many reasons for this, greater connectivity means many of us are always "on call," personally I work two jobs which require a lot of time, and if are reading this then you are likely a high-achiever who is always pushing to be better. 

Work bleeds into personal life and vice versa. If my son is sick then I need to reschedule work to care for him. If a client has something go wrong at 9:00pm then I need to take care of it because that's my job. 

I romanticize the idea of a life in compartments, in one is work which stops when I log-off my computer, and in another is my personal life which is free from thoughts of projects, clients, and to-do lists. Yet, that's not the case. As I am typing this, a client is texting me and my son is taking a bath. There is no balance. 

But is that really a big deal? What if we had jobs which were sensitive to our daily life? What if we had a career which was exciting? Then there wouldn't need to be any balance. Everything would just be one continuous flow. 

One of our fundamental goals at BizLatte is to get you to your dream job and ideal professional self. When you are there, the idea of work-life balance goes out the door as your life is a joy no matter what you are doing. 

Keep striving for a life where work is just an extension of your life. 

Matt Avery