This is Why You Suck at Interviews

Because you don't care about the job you are interviewing for, you just want a job. That is a monumental difference. 

Do you ask yourself, why did I bomb that interview, why can't I just do better at answering questions, why don't I have a job!?

Again, the answer is simple, you don't really want the job you interviewed for. If you did you would have done everything necessary to crush the interview. I am not being harsh, instead, I am telling you what someone should have years ago. You must put in hours of research before your interview if you really want to land the job. 

Here is an analogy. Whether sports, music, art, or other areas of life that demand practice there is a universal truth. Practice should be more difficult than the game, concert, exhibition, etc. You put in the hard hours during practice, and then the execution is flawless. 

How does this relate to an interview? Easy, you do the work before the interview. Once you secure an interview do the following:

  • Start to research the company online, look through every page on their website, memorize their core values or mission statement, and look at articles written about the company. 
  • Go to and see how people rate the company. 
  • Look up the person you are interviewing with, find out who they are and go on Google along with every social media channel to know more about them.
  • If they are a public company, look over their 10-K, if they are a non-profit, look at their 1099. If you don't know what those are, you are already behind other people interviewing for the same position as you. 
  • Practice your story, not stock questions, but your story. How did you end up attaining the interview, what is your background, what are successful projects you have accomplished, where have you experienced failure, and what questions do you have for them?
  • Drive to the interview location the day before to time out how long it takes you, figure out where you will park, find the front door, and anything else you need to do to feel comfortable on the drive there. 
  • Lay out your clothes the day before and give yourself a buffer of 30 more minutes than you think it will take to get ready.
  • Show up and crush the interview. Put away your phone, talk to the receptionist, and observe the overall atmosphere.

Seriously, it takes all of the above for every interview. It sounds like a lot of work because it is a lot of work. Other people are doing all that work and landing killer jobs. The reason you aren't is because you don't care enough to do the difficult work. 

Maybe you are ready to really push yourself. Well, if that's the case, take the first step. We have a three-part series on the interview process which was co-authored by an interview consultant. Start with these articles and then take your game to a new level. 

Matt Avery