What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Do you ever just think and wonder, what should I be doing with my life? I do this . . . All. The. Time.

I have solid problem-solving skills. For example, if a client is dealing with an issue, I can look at it and normally figure out an answer based on experience or conducting research. Then I put time into the problem and come to a solution. 

Yet, for my own professional life, many times I just stare at a computer or out a window asking what to do. Then I wait for an email request from a client or for a calendar notification to pop up. I have something to accomplish - yay! - then it's over and the cycle repeats. If you are like me, your professional life can feel like an endless treadmill. 

I don't have concrete answers on how to get over this issue, yet I do know continually looking for answers is likely your best answer. Learn from others, read books, listen to podcasts, and do whatever it takes to know more than you did yesterday.

As you gain more knowledge, things clear up, and maybe one day we will know what to do. 

Matt Avery