Will Men Ever Understand Women?


Men know little about what it is to be a woman.

Even if you think you do… you don’t! No matter how hard we try we just might never understand.

We are so different, each with our strengths and weaknesses, and each with a desire to understand each other. Yet, there are some areas where we are fundamentally different. This video is a great example of that. In the video, you will see how different we are in terms of empathy.

Recently, I had the opportunity to expand my mind thanks to a great friend. I might never get to know what it is to be a woman, but I can say that thanks to being part of an episode of the podcast How Does She Do It, I now know a bit more.

During the episode, I had a great conversation with my friend Lola Soyebo. I can guarantee that she does know a lot about what it is to be a woman. An Unstoppable Woman!

I got to ask Lola questions about her professional and personal journey. We talked about how to create a mindset of no excuses to win. Lola has faced many cultural biases and gender stereotypes, and she has been able to power through all of these obstacles.

During her MBA program at Bauer she accomplished:

  • Graduated at the top of her class by receiving the Outstanding MBA Student Award

  • Received the college-wide Ted Bauer Leadership Award

  • The UH NAWMBA Chapter won student chapter of the year while she was the President

And this is just a glimpse of her accomplishments.

If you want to be Unstoppable like Lola then you have to listen to the podcast episode.