Work with Successful People

Recently, I was at an event with Tilman Fertitta of "Billion Dollar Buyer" fame. He was the keynote speaker for the 40th Annual Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon. During his speech, he provided valuable advice and one item really stuck out. 

"Do business with successful people." 

In a moment something clicked. As a consultant, I thought of my best clients, they are all successful. My most enjoyable time in business or during my MBA was when I was around high-achievers. I have been thinking of Tilman's advice ever since. 

There was a time I worked for a consulting firm. They had done well in the past, yet were on a downward slide. After I had been hired I found out their revenue was down two consecutive years and was trending for another year below the previous. I also discovered they had high turnover and I ended up being one of those let go. My mistake was working with unsuccessful people. I should have asked better questions during my interview. Declining revenue and high attrition are huge red flags. 

Think about your job. Are you around successful people? Is the company you work for doing well? If you are in school, do you associate with top students? Are you an entrepreneur who is partnering with accomplished businesses?

Really think about those questions. You want to be around succesful people. It's the only way for you to have a great career. 

Matt Avery