Your First Step to Stop Sucking at Interviews

Have you ever been stressed about an interview? When you finally made it in front of the interviewer, did you mess up an answer?

There is natural stress in an interview. You are in a new location, under pressure, and speaking with someone you might have never met before. Yet, that's not the real issue. Most people bomb interviews for simple reasons. 

  • They were late. 
  • They didn't do their research, I am talking in-depth company research.
  • They don't know their narrative. 

People practice stock questions and answers and that is okay. However, it's more important to know your story. Think about it. When people practice answering questions, how do the respond?

Usually, with bullet points, my three weaknesses are A, B, and C. Those bullet points might look nice on a short document, but humans don't speak in bullet points. As a child did you read stories or executive summaries? We all enjoy narratives, it is an essential part of being a human. 

Throughout time and space, we have been story-tellers. In the past, a tribe would sit around a fire and hear tales of adventure, in the early 1900s families would gather around a radio, and now all of us carry devices which can give us a fascinating story at any moment. 

Humans are captivated by narratives. Your interviewer is no exception. They don't want to hear a list of your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and more. They want to hear the story behind all of those points. Why do you have specific strengths? How did you achieve your greatest accomplishments? 

An intriguing story won't guarantee you the job, but it is the first step to stop sucking at interviews. 

Matt Avery