Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

Oh, the mind is a mighty weapon! Do everything in your power to use it for your advantage and not against yourself.

You must protect your mind; it can be your most powerful tool or your weakest. The state of your mind affects your health, friendships, wealth, and happiness. The state of your mind radiates, pulling people in or repelling them.

The human mind is complex. Insecurity and loneliness can disrupt and morph reality, pulling you down when you are at your weakest. Yet while your thoughts define you, they also define who you’re not. You can feed your thoughts with positive or negative energy. You can talk

yourself into your dreams or out of them. So don’t just make peace with your thoughts—employ them to move you toward your best life.

Everything has brought you to where you are today, even the challenges in your life. It may be difficult to understand, but your unique struggles build your unique strength. Like Legos or building blocks, your decisions, experiences, and genetics form who you are. Allow them to lift you up and make you more resilient, to make you ready to take on today. I couldn’t believe it at the time, but looking back, I am grateful for every struggle and every mountain I had to climb. Each experience has provided a lesson and given me the strength to tackle the next chapter in my life.

When I was in my early thirties, I started a small company. It received some recognition, and the local NBC news station called me to ask for an interview. A dream come true? Wrong. I was driving when I received the call on my cellphone, but I had to pull over to a quiet parking lot. I was shaking and scared. I’m just little Dina. I’m not worthy of an interview. What have I done? I’m a fraud, and now I’ll be exposed.

My business product was very valid, but I wasn’t confident or ready to bring it to market. I didn’t feel worthy of its possible success, so failure seemed more comfortable. The TV news interview went well, but I had a pit in my stomach. I was convinced I didn’t deserve the attention.

Because I felt unworthy of success, my business never had a chance. I poured a lot of hours into that business, but rather than view it as a failure, I now deem it as one of the most valuable lessons of my life. Over time, I was able to look back and smile at my younger self and the insecure child she held inside. I was able to congratulate her effort. Now I know I wouldn’t change a thing, not the time invested or the outcome.

What you think is how you feel. How many times do you read about people who defy the odds with their health, longevity, and limitations? It’s the positive mind that propels us over the many hurdles we face. Your internal dialogue is a precursor to what will happen next. If you tell yourself you won’t enjoy a party because you’re not good at socializing, you likely won’t.

The mind is powerful, but we often ignore it. We choose the right sneakers to cushion our feet with care, or we apply sunscreen to protect our skin, but what do we do to nurture our minds? Challenge yourself, keep a positive outlook, and keep going even when life gets tough. After all, it’s not what you look at; it’s what you see.

You’ve got this:

When faced with an opportunity, challenge or decision, ask yourself, “What would I do if I felt 100% worthy of this?”


Dina Mauro has worked in the technology industry for over twenty-five years, twenty with one of the largest IT companies in the world. Through her love for animals, Dina began rescuing dogs, volunteering, and, ultimately, writing.

Dina is the author of A Dose of Tia: How a Woman and Her Rescued Dog Embraced Life Through Volunteering – and How You Can, Too. Initially, as a personal, heartfelt gift to her sons, but later published for the public, Dina went on to pen You’ve Got This! The Grad’s Guide to the Big, Rich, Magnificent Life You Deserve.

She also volunteers at Denver Pet Partners, Swedish Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital Colorado, along with her three sons.

Dina lives in Denver with her husband, Bob, and their three sons, Owen, Ethan, and Aiden.


As a parent, author Dina Mauro was so hyper-focused on competing and comparing her children to other children that she almost lost sight of what they required to thrive. She realized that when they thrive, everything in their lives falls abundantly into place.

You’ve Got This! The Grad’s Guide to the Big, Rich, Magnificent Life You Deserve steers the reader through critical “markers” along life’s way: improving oneself, conquering obstacles, achieving goals, and cultivating relationships. Other stops on the journey include heading off to college, entering the work world, making decisions, managing technology, speaking in public, and many more.

You’ve Got This! is a long-overdue guidebook that illuminates forty-seven achievable strategies and real-world advice for not just living—but thriving! Now grads have the roadmap for facing challenges that left untouched can become big distractions to an exceptional life. 


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