Life is About Courage

When I think of courage, I get an image of an armed Greek warrior, a firefighter saving a child from a burning building, or a US soldier confronting the enemy. Brave acts, however, aren’t exclusive to situations like those. We can all be brave every single day. Being courageous is about doing what is necessary, even when it’s hard. It’s about showing up, doing the right thing, and being brave enough to be vulnerable.

  • I believe you are brave when you respectfully stand up for what you believe and finally say what needs to be said.
  • I believe you are brave when you put your heart out into the open and allow it to be vulnerable to the world.
  • I believe you are brave when you say “no” when necessary.
  • I believe you are brave when you ask for help.
  • I believe you are brave when you open up to someone. (Just make sure that he or she has first earned your trust.)
  • I believe you are brave when you find the gain in the pain.
  • I believe you are brave when you allow yourself to be both soft and strong.
  • I believe you are brave when you apply for that job.
  • I believe you are brave when you put the work into improving yourself.
  • I believe you are brave when you allow yourself, your true self, to be seen.
  • I believe you are brave when you set boundaries, but not brick walls.
  • I believe you are brave when you no longer try to fit in.

You’ll find that when you show your true self that people will be drawn in. This lesson came to me one night when my son had a sleepover. One particular boy in the group was a little quirky. That night, he pulled my son aside and told him that he always slept with the lights on and asked if we could leave them on for the sleepover. Of course, my son obliged; it was really no big deal.

The next day, after all the boys left, my son told me the story. At the end, he said, “I hope he knows I would never tell anyone.” The boy who was brave enough to stay the night and vulnerable enough to expose his fears had earned my son’s fierce protection. He had it from that day on.

When you open your heart and make the right, and often difficult choices, good things show up. If you put out into the world what is inside of you—your true self— things will fall into place. If you choose to hide, however, fear and uncertainty will likely destroy you.

You’ve got this:

Courage isn’t about being hard; more often, it’s about being soft.


Dina Mauro has worked in the technology industry for over twenty-five years, twenty with one of the largest IT companies in the world. Through her love for animals, Dina began rescuing dogs, volunteering, and, ultimately, writing.

Dina is the author of A Dose of Tia: How a Woman and Her Rescued Dog Embraced Life Through Volunteering – and How You Can, Too. Initially, as a personal, heartfelt gift to her sons, but later published for the public, Dina went on to pen You’ve Got This! The Grad’s Guide to the Big, Rich, Magnificent Life You Deserve.

She also volunteers at Denver Pet Partners, Swedish Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital Colorado, along with her three sons.

Dina lives in Denver with her husband, Bob, and their three sons, Owen, Ethan, and Aiden.


As a parent, author Dina Mauro was so hyper-focused on competing and comparing her children to other children that she almost lost sight of what they required to thrive. She realized that when they thrive, everything in their lives falls abundantly into place.

You’ve Got This! The Grad’s Guide to the Big, Rich, Magnificent Life You Deserve steers the reader through critical “markers” along life’s way: improving oneself, conquering obstacles, achieving goals, and cultivating relationships. Other stops on the journey include heading off to college, entering the work world, making decisions, managing technology, speaking in public, and many more.

You’ve Got This! is a long-overdue guidebook that illuminates forty-seven achievable strategies and real-world advice for not just living—but thriving! Now grads have the roadmap for facing challenges that left untouched can become big distractions to an exceptional life. 


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