Tanya* has been a successful sales professional for over a decade. Her career has been spent with some of the largest technology companies in the world. Like many others, she hit an age (early thirties) where she could continue on her current path or look to push herself to a higher level. Instead of staying comfortable, she was determined to reach for a new job that would challenge her in new ways.

The issues were:

  • Was at a comfortable job with limited growth
  • Wanted to challenge herself with a new career trajectory
  • Desired to jump to a Fortune 25 company
  • Needed to learn how to properly network


We set a strategy of precision. Tanya already knew she wanted to stay in the technology industry, but wanted to move to a new company. In this scenario, drastic efforts are actually detrimental and it’s more important to have a focused strategy.

During conversations, we narrowed the list of companies where she would want to work. It should be reiterated, she had a solid job and enjoyed her co-workers. She would not leave her current job for just any job - it had to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After the list was created it was time to look for potential contacts for informational interviews.

Since the list of companies was small, it did not take long to look through her current contacts and find people to interview. These were people she had known for months and whom she enjoyed being around.

She conducted multiple meetings. Some companies did not seem a good fit. Remember, you set the parameters when looking for a dream job, so don’t accept someone else’s ideal future for your life. When the list was narrowed even more, she continued to stay in contact with her connections and was ready for when an opening occurred.

In Sum:

  • Was prepared to stay at current job (no impulse decisions)
  • Set the parameters for her dream job
  • Created a list of where she would want to work
  • Set up informational interviews with contacts
  • Narrowed list after interviews
  • Once she found where she wanted to work, waited for an opening


Within a couple months of setting her initial informational interviews, a contact let her know an opening was imminent and it was time to apply. She sent in her application, which was fast-tracked, and met with her potential teammates. Within a month, she secured the job! Now Tanya has an amazing job at a Fortune 25 technology company.

The above appears simple. In reality this was a very challenging time for Tanya and lasted seven months. The most important result which occurred was a change in mindset. Before the process, she relied on her talents. Yes, she has always been a hard worker, yet she had never truly pushed herself to the point of possible failure.

After a difficult coaching session which was brutally honest, she decided to move forward and pursue her dream. Now she is at an ideal job with a stronger mindset.


She utilized 1-on-1 coaching through in-person meetings. Tanya deserves the credit for finding her dream job. A coach is simply someone who provides tools to reach a goal, if you are willing to put in the effort you can have similar results. 

*name has been changed for privacy


Feb 2016 

Had her first contact with future teammates, this was before she was ready to look for a new position.

Summer 2016

Determined to look for a new position and met with contacts.

July 2016

Applied and received offer to one of the largest and most impressive companies in the world.

“Our most important meeting was the one where you were completely honest. At the time I did not want to hear what you had to say, but it was true. Afterward I was able to make the leap to my dream job.” ~ Tanya