Joshua Bird

Finance Fanatic | Analytical Wizard | Process Engineer

I’m a skater turned chemical engineer turned MBA student and finance fanatic. I agree it is quite the odd combination. I began my journey into finance as a budding engineer with $65,000 in student loan debt, zero savings, and no idea how to handle money. Along my journey to debt freedom, I learned a ton of good personal finance principles and even more bad ones. At Young Analytical Mind, I combine my analytical wizardry with my finance obsession to break down what I learned and produce the best financial information for my fellow intellectuals.

The topics will range from investing to budgeting to retirement and more. Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes cry, but I can guarantee that you will always learn something new. With actionable advice and tactics in every post you will never come away empty handed. I invite you to join the YAM community and be a part of the conversation. Us cool kids will be waiting for you.

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